Summer Holidays

Bruck region at the
Grossglocknerstrasse / Pinzgau for young and even younger. It is the trend
and it is cool! It is time for the mountains!

Bruck ad. Grossglocknerstrasse,
the cozy village next to Zell
am See and Kaprun.

Bruck-Großglockner is
located on the outskirts of the Hohe Tauern National Park
in the
state of Salzburg, between Zell am See and Kaprun
with the glacier area of Kitzsteinhorn.

In the town center, the
Großglockner-High Alpine Road begins with “kilometer 0”. It leads over Fusch
and the Hohe Tauern range to the place of pilgrimage, Heiligenblut in

There were small settlements in the municipal area 4,000 years ago in the
Stone Age Time. Bruck (Prugg) was first mentioned and documented in the year
1,040. Its relevance grew with the importance of the Salzach bridge as a
north-south connection from Salzburg over the Fuscher Tauern onto Italy.


Dates & Facts:

755 meters above sea level,
inhabitants: 4,400, guest-beds: 1,800


Some possible activities in
the summer:

Ski-, snowboard ride on the Kitzsteinhorn glacier in the neighboring Zell am
See (Zell at the lake) – Kaprun. From snow in the lake. If in spring the
days get longer glisten on the Kitzsteinhorn snow slopes with the sun to the
bet. Ski connoisseurs now come fully on their costs: With pleasure slopes
and sunny mood on the sun tarrassen and the Schirmmbars.

Even in the summer beckons
with sparkling Kitzsteinhorn glacier slopes. In the first glacier ski resort
in Austria, on Kitzsteinhorn, elevators, almost the entire year.. The eye
says – Winter , the mind says – Summer: On the 3,029-meter-high glacier of
Kitzsteinhorn enjoy the best of the two-year periods. Relaxed pleasure to
ski or board at the feet can be found on the white slopes of the “coolest
Bergs” from January to December.


on the Zeller lake, we do not need a sea, we have a lake with
drinking water quality ….. Sailors and surfers, finally, it is for water
sportsmen important always to have wind.

The Zeller lake offers ideal conditions for both sports. Swimming and
Diving simply into the crystal clear Water World of the Zeller lake.




Zell am See>>


 Wheel and bike
where it is in the region of twelve different Biking different difficulty
levels. Moreover, there is the famous Tauernradweg. Start can be found on
the “Romantikweg”, he leads from the center Kapruns on the Moss, a paradise
for cyclists, walkers and skaters. After only six kilometres to get back
directly back to Kaprun. Other cycling tracks like “Brunnwiesenweg” (seven
kilometers), the orbit of the lake (twelve kilometers), or a tour of cell
Kaprun after along the lake are ideal for less conditioned driver. A route
with a uniform slope also of Kaprun / Zell am See on Maishofen to
Saalbach-Hinterglemm. Medium difficulty they say the respective 50-kilometer
cycling on Saalfelden and Mittersill. As day excursion is a trip to Krimml.
From the train station in Zell am See go with the gauge by the breathtaking
mountains of the Hohe Tauern and reaches two and a half hours after the city
of waterfalls. Return it with the wheel, on a 50-kilometer section of the
Tauernradwegs. Nothing for amateurs and families is the high Alps on the
road Grossglockner. It is regarded as the greatest challenge for cyclists in
Austria. Steep mountain 80 kilometres need to be addressed.

Bruck ad. Grossglocknerstrasse,
Kaprun, Zell am See, Saalfelden, Saalbach, Hinterglemm, Leogang…is a
paradise for Mounteinbicke.


Summer Station in Saalfelden

Bob friends beware: The rapid departure is also possible in the summer.
Uphill deals with the double chair lift. During the trip enjoy the panorama
of the Saalachtals. 1,600 m Bob fun experience; 63 curves, 345 metres
altitude, three jumps and 100 percent fun. The works Rolba Run is Children’s
easy – you choose with a switching lever the speed. The ramp with a double
chairlift offers wonderful insight into the views of the Steinernen sea the


 Walking Kitzsteinhorn Schmittenhöhe
(Schmitt’s height), Maiskogel:

Numerous cable car and lift systems facilitate visitors in the region, the
rise. The mountain railways Kaprun AG brings visitors comfortably on the
Kitzsteinhorn and there from runway to runway. For rides on the
Schmittenhöhe height is the Schmittenhöhe Bahn AG. Who’s want with all
mountain railways full ride, which offers the “Berg- und Badeticket” (mountain
and swimming ticket) an interesting alternative: For six days it is not only
the mountain railways, but all beaches, outdoor and indoor swimming pools in
the region.

Kitzsteinhorn: from Kaprun deals with the Gletscherjet 1 or comfortable with
the Panoramabahn to the between station at Häuslalm. There can be a stage
for either walk on the Arnoweg, a path of the Alpine club, decide, or you
drive with Gletscherjet 2 (alternatively: Langwiedbahn) continue to 2,452
meters to the Alpin Center. The Summit Station (Gipfelstation), and the
Alpincenter by a third train, Gipfelbahn, combined. Four hours on foot you
need, if you have the Maiskogelalm want to go. Up to 1,540 meter runs the
same namige mountain railway (Maiskogelalm), to the Alpine Center can be
reached from there the Alexander Enzinger-way.


 Gasoline in the blood:
outdoor go-kart track – in Leogang

Enter in Leogang to 450 meters race track right gas. Sharp curves and a
high-speed straight allow hot Drifs and exciting battles in the open sky.
After dusk, drive you, thanks floodlights.




& Squash>>,



>>, Mini golf>>,


Sport Shooting





More adventure:

Together we are strong!

High Ropes Course

In modern times young people
must learn to be flexible and must be prepared to take a variety of
different skills from their schooldays into their working lives. Our
Challenge ropes Course can help to develop these skills. Our challenges
are set up by our experienced educationalists who then guide the
participants through the various activities.

is of course our highest priority!

for Solutions:

  • Strengthen
    self confidence and trust in others
  • Bind creative and
    logical thinking with motor skills
  • Learning
    by ‘Trial and Error’
  • Learning
    by Doing
  • Experience
    completely new situations and test reactions

Team Skills:

  • Develop
    cooperation and team skills in children and young people

  • Experience
    cooperation as a product of multiple skills

  • Learning
    to combine different skills

  • Taking
    on responsibility

  • Develop

and Attaining Team Goals:

  • Recognise
    and reach personal limits

  • Feel
    the pleasure of success

  • Share the pleasure in
    attaining team goals

Top quality equipment and
excellent trainers


1 Day (6 hrs) € 50 /


½ Day (3 hrs) € 27 /

Per 10 Students one
teacher free!

Raft & Rope

Adventure cocktail mix :

Challenge High Ropes
Course and White Water Rafting –

unwinding between or
afterwards with a BBQ.

in the afternoon Ropes Coursenachmittags Seilgarten

Costs:€ 58 per Adult, € 19
per Adult, BBQ without drinks,  Incl. Equipment and guide.

Booking necessary!

Details at Ropes Course!


The wet water ride on
either the Salzach or Saalach Rivers

Pre-condition: Participants must be physically fit & average

to good swimmers

Bring swimwear + towel

Minimum age: 12 Years (must be accompanied by adult)

Time: about 4 hrs

Costs:€ 31 / pers incl.
Transfer, € 28 / pers excl. Transfer, Per 10 students one teacher free.


Several small leaps,
waterslides and waterfalls of up to 7 metres.

Swimwear, towel and sports or trekking shoes are required.

Note these will get wet!

Our guides are all
Nationally Qualified Mountain and Canyoning Guides

Minimum age: 12 Years (must be accompanied by adult)

Costs:€29 /pers excl
Transfer, Equipment,

€32 /pers incl.Transfer,

Per 10 students one
teacher free.


A merry, instructive,
simply animal adventure.

Guided Tour of the

Mooserboden Dams

in Kaprun:

Departure by post bus to
the Lärchenwand Lift, continue by bus

through various tunnels
and round hairpin bends up to the Dams.

1 hr Guided Tour followed by a snack : Frankfurters + Drink.

Hydro-electric Power Station


Sigmund Thun Gorge:

1 hour Guided Tour of the
station followed by a spectacular Gorge Walk.

Price: € 1,50 / pers.

Radical Zenith


 Some tour –

 The Summer on the
height does it all: Mountain Experiences midst of a
unique natural scenery!

Beautiful views!

From Schmitt’s height, you have a unique view of
more than 30 thousand three – including the Grossglockner, the Kitzsteinhorn
and Großvenediger, a glance, the already enjoyed Empress Elisabeth.


3,000 meters above are the things – the glaciers of the Salzburg country,
the first glacier ski area in Austria. Who the rough charm of the high
mountains loves or a view of the seemingly endless summit will be to ramble
for the Kitzsteinhorn is an absolute must. Embedded in the mountain region
of the Hohe Tauern amazed the majestic collection with its unique diversity.


holiday delights for the whole family – whether walking, biking, or just
looking to enjoy beautiful Salzachtal: The Maiskogel up to its reputation as
a mountain for relaxed family outings absolutely fair. Young and old, the
little brother of the Kitzsteinhorn a wealth of recreational opportunities.
Start, for example, on a walking tour to the natural drama of the nearby
Kapruner high-mountain lakes congestion.

Who is the immaculate ride on the bike prefers, the Maiskogel offers the
ideal terrain for a panoramic tour with the wheel up to 11 kilometres long
is the easy route to the Alpine Inn Glockner glance. On tour destination has
finally smoothly around 880 meters altitude overcome. With solid shoes and
walking stick to the families climbs mountain very traditional. Incidentally,
even the professionals start their trips to the climbing areas of the


 High-mountain lakes
Kaprun congestion –
The ramp to the Hochgebirgsstauseen begins with the
Kesselfall-Alpenhaus house in the Alps rear Kapruner Valley. Modern buses
bring about the largest-partly in a natural stone tunnel running
Lärchwand-road to Lärchwand-Oblique-lift. Adventure World electricity and
ice between the Mooserboden and broad-wall congestion, the “Adventure World
Power & Ice,” in which you look at the world of glaciers and the history of
the power plant-building information.

During one of the ongoing take place congestion-wall-guided tours to learn
more about how water from the “white gold” of the electrical power is
generated. (Lasts approximately 1 hour). A trip to the
Kaprun-Hochgebirgsstauseen is a fascinating journey into the mountains. The
fresh air, green pastures, the turquoise waters of the lakes and
reservoirs-the glaciers of the Hohe Tauern are intense impressions.



(Giant ice-world Werfen), the largest ice-cave of our
planet earth – The ice-world giant cave is a cave labyrinth of over 40
kilometers overall course length. The emergence was like all caves over a
very long period. The first columns and fissures in the limestone rocks
already arisen in the course of the mountain liftings before about 100
million years ago and was to chemical dissolution processes and water
erosion over the millennia-magnified and defined. The caves in the Alps are
still in a development process, although many caves systems – including
large sections of the ice-giant world – by dehydration not significantly
further develop.


in Königsleiten
meet the stars in
all their splendor know –

The Starwarte Königsleiten, the highest in Europe planetarium, offers
ideal conditions for the stars-watching. Far away from any light pollution,
you have a clear view into the sky.

In addition to the scientific research projects that have been committed
operator of the Starwarte another great goal: as many people as possible for
the star-search enthusiasm.

The possibilities for discovery are to travel to the variety

A “show stars” in the planetarium informed large and small very vividly
about stars, star images, mythology and animal-circle sign. Especially for
the very young (about 3 to 10 years) are presented daily astronomical
Children’s tales. Questions during all performances are strongly encouraged.

The subsequent view by the strong performance telescopes at the star waiting
on the wonders of the sky as bizarre lunar landscapes, glittering star
clusters and galaxies distant kidnapped your senses into foreign worlds.

About the Hochplateau from Königsleiten Route, a planet-hiking path with 9
granite monuments through the solar system – another way the dimensions of
outer space – to understand


 Die WasserWunderWelt
(Water Wonder World in Krimml), water experience – right at the
entrance to the Krimmler water cases.

The fascinating attraction for old and young. Let’s see
what our water. Informative, interesting and entertaining. You will be

Water is the elixir of life that has sensational capabilities. Water can
work wonders and water can do wonders visible. In the water wonderland
Krimml experience amazing, unique and has never been seen. Let yourself be
surprised by the wonderful world – water, and discover what is in each drop
of water is.


 Krimmler Wasserfälle
(Krimml waterfalls) – The highest waterfalls in Europe have over the
years-many hundreds of names. As early as 1796, the Krimml waterfalls as the
“largest and most splendid spectacle Naturs in Salzburg.” 1845, it was a
precursor of Baedeker travel guide even that “behind Krimml the most
water-fall of the monarchy looks.”

In those times, the tourist development of the approximately 400-meter-high
Krimml waterfalls not even conceivable. Only the 1876 plan was still young
Alpine Association a path along bridges and viewing turrets along the three
acts Qatar. 1879 was the new riser system finally opened. The gang great
rush to the waterfalls but continued until after completion of the Pinzgauer
iron train in the year 1898.

The Krimmler Ache whose water Qatar in three acts as spectacular falls into
the depths, has a catchment area of 110 square kilometers with 23 glaciers.
Depending on the year, the creek time between 10 and 83 cubic meters of
water per second. The water-freight an average day in the glacier melting
period between May and August fluctuates between 20 and 35 cubic meters per

Most water crashing into the valley at night when the midday melting water
almost a flood. For lunch time, the water case in the sun, which is low tide,
so to speak. In the early morning, the glaciers due to the cold of the night
the least water.

With the establishment of the National Park Hohe Tauern in 1984 also enjoys
the Krimmler Achental and thus the Krimml waterfalls absolute protection.
You can see the huge natural drama, best parking “Wasserfallblick” (waterfall
look) at the Gerlos Alpine Road.


panning in Rauris

The Tauern
Gold Search has a 4000-year history!

GOLD-WASH! — It can be found on the Rauriser Alm, because their own place
to wash gold is for you. Tools get on the spot.

From the first
attempts by the curious prospective Hobbygoldwäscher to beinharten
international competitions at World Championship level – everything is

Under the expert guidance of metallurgical industry Nikolaos Gran Egger (himself
an ardent gold and World – participants) and his staff will itself from the
“bloodiest” Beginners soon an avid gold seekers.



(High-Alpine road) – Europe’s most
famous scenic road in the high mountains – For about 50 million visitors,
the Grossglockner Hochalpenstraße since 1935 to incomparable experience. The
most famous Alpine road ends before the highlight of the National Park Hohe
Tauern: the highest mountain and the largest glacier in Austria, the
Grossglockner (3,798 m) and the Pasterze. On the way there you can
experience a 4000-km-long journey to the Arctic. They pass through on the
rise from 1500 m to the Emperor Franz Josef’s height all vegetation zones:
from the grain fields to the eternal ice.



Wildlife Park Ferleite),
Fantastic fauna – wolves, monkeys, owls veil: In Ferleiten Wildlife Park,
located at the Großglockner road, are themselves the most exotic creatures
at home. After review of the animal is either in the rustic inn, or 20,000
square meters large amusement park to go.

For you Löw P.

Austria-because holidays should be good.


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